Three layer co-extruded liner - PP-PP-PP


0117 - Three layer co-extruded liner - PP-PP-PP
Product specifications:
Material: PP / PP foam / PP
Color: White
Product description:

A three layer co-extruded liner: two solid polypropylene surfaces cover a central layer of foamed polypropylene with closed cells. This structure is a single polymeric unit which cannot delaminate.
The foamed center core provides the resiliency needed for sealing and the solid facings prevent evaporation and product penetration.


The liner usually inserted into aluminium, plastic or metal caps and therefore become part of them. When the bottle or jar is opened, the liner remains in the cap.

The seal can be used for:
- alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
- dietary supplements
- food products, oils
- cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

• Mechanically strong
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Good compressibility
• No lamination, no adhesive
• No discoloration
• Good machineability
• No absorption
• Ideal application and removal torque
• No dusting: foam particles cannot come loose
• Non-toxic and free of odours and taste
• Cost efficient; no additional lamination activity
• Good heat resistance, steam sterilisable
Box sizes: 600x400x300 mm
Product sheet:
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