Roll On Pilfer Proof Closure - 18x12 mm


1812-000 - Roll On Pilfer Proof Closure - 18x12 mm
Product specifications:
Dimensions (diameter x height): 18x12 mm
Finish: PP 18
Material: aluminium alloy
Liner: EPE
Product description:

Aluminum screw closure (ROPP) fitted by EPE liner. The closure can be customized one or multi-color printing, UV printing or top embossing.

Pieces in box: 16 000 pcs
Box sizes: 600x400x360 mm
Box weight: 11,3 kg
Pieces on pallet: 384 000 pcs
Pallet dimensions: 800x1200x2300 mm
Pallet weight: 308 kg
Product sheet:
Packaging scheme:
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