Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Liner - PS 113


PSAlu - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Liner - PS 113
Product specifications:
Material: Polystyren
Color: White with black printing
Product description:
- PS113 is an EVA based pressure sensitive adhesive (PS) coated with Foamseal (extruded expanded polystyrene) and a release liner on the back.
• A seal is developed at room temperature by pressure only
• Construction: 25 μ PS adhesive / 508 μ polystyrene foam with non-stick coating
• Black print "Sealed for your protection"
Liner is not suitable for liquid products.
Pressure sensitive seals can be used for:
- applications in contact with food
- dietary supplements in capsules or tablets (dry form)
- spices
- nuts
- cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

• Mechanically strong
• Good machinability
• Seals both glass and plastic
• Seals with pressure, no heat needed to seal
• Good compression
• Lightweight seal
• Provides a guarantee that the container has not been tampered with and has never been opened
• Protects the product against light, oxygen, humidity, germs and odours
A drying time of at least 24 hours at room temperature is necessary to achieve full adhesion of the seal to the neck.

Store between 15 and 35° C and humidity between 30 and 80%.
Store in a dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.
Do not store near heat sources.
Box sizes: 600x400x300 mm
Product sheet:
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