Extruded polyethylene foam seal - EPE


0114 - Extruded polyethylene foam seal - EPE
Product specifications:
Material: Low Density Polyethylen (LD-PE)
Color: White
Product description:
EPE liners - extruded foamed low density polyethylene (LDPE) with a fine closed cell structure.

The seal (liner) is usually inserted into aluminum, plastic or metal closures and becomes part of the closure. When the bottle or jar is opened, the linerl remains in the closure. We produce the liners in many thicknesses and diameters.
EPE liners can be used for:
- alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
- dietary supplements
- food products
- cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
• Mechanically strong
• Good machinability
• Seals both glass and plastic bottles/jars
• No heat is required for sealing
• Good compression
• Good chemical resistance
• Non-toxic, free of odour and taste
Box sizes: 600x400x300 mm
Product sheet:
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