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Selected Products
Aluminium Pre-threaded Screw Cap - 28x18 mm
V 2818-S

The aluminum pre-threaded screw cap with EPE liner. The closure can be customized one or multi-color printing, UV pri...

Liquor Glass Bottle
S 1004

The glass bottle useable for pharmaceutical products and alcoholic beverages.

Aluminium Screw Cap with Rolled Edge - 28x13 mm
V 2813-SN

Aluminum screw cap with rolled edge and fitted by EPE liner. The closure can be lacquered in various colours or produ...

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ADPACK group company is manufacturing
  and wholesale company in the field of beverage,
   food, drugstore and pharmaceutical packaging
    and actively participates in the development
     of new products and sales philosophy
      of these products.

      Products portfolio:

The company offers a comprehensive service
in the supply of packaging and packaging components.